Ninja Van: Ninja Xpress Introduces DWS Technology to Enhance the Productivity of SMEs

Mar 24, 2023

(Image Source: Ninja Van)

Ninja Xpress utilizes dimension weight and scanning (DWS) equipment for SMBs and shippers to facilitate shipment, save shipping costs, and achieve a significantly more accurate and efficient package estimate. As of today, Ninja Xpress' sorting facilities have employed up to 220 DWS machines, which ensure both the weight and dimensions of packages. The three largest shipment origins in 2022 are situated in Jakarta, Central Java, and various parts of West Java.

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Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Andi Djoewarsa says, "With the DWS machine calculating the package's weight and dimension accurately and automatically, Ninja Xpress hopes to reduce the difference in calculations with SMEs and shippers, thereby speeding up the invoicing process, which would result in a more efficient cash flow."

Ninja Xpress's DWS machine provides weight readings accurate to within 50 grams and dimension readings accurate to within 2 centimeters. This apparatus can handle up to 50 kg and can be expanded to a maximum of 70x50x40 cm. The machine's 3D camera captures the package's weight, measurements, and picture all at once, and then transmits this information to the database system via barcode scanning for verification. Bulky DWS technology is available in more than ten Ninja Xpress stations across DKI Jakarta, West Java, and East Java, allowing for more precise measurements of items of greater size and weight.

As Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Bali are among the top five (5) origin locations for Ninja Xpress packages, Ninja Xpress expects to deploy hundreds more DWS machines to its sorting center there in the near future. The number of Ninja Xpress shipments from various parts of Indonesia necessitates the installation of these machines in distribution hubs in Medan, Palembang, Pekanbaru, and Lampung on the island of Sumatra. Ninja Xpress expects that more than 95% of shipments will benefit from this upgrade, allowing for more precise weighing and measuring.

Source: Ninja Xpress Launches DWS Technology to Improve SME’s Efficiency

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