Ninja Van x DPD Group: E-Comm...

Ninja Van x DPD Group: E-Commerce Barometer 2021 Report

Apr 20, 2022
Ninja Van x DPD Group: E-Commerce Barometer 2021 Report

(Image Source: Nikkei Asia)

Ninja Van Group, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics firm, recently announced a research collaboration with Europe’s largest parcel delivery network DPD Group. The two companies have worked together to release their E-Commerce Southeast Asia (SEA) Barometer 2021 Report covering the purchasing habits of online shoppers in the region, along with their desired shopping experience from purchase to delivery. This study, which was conducted in six Southeast Asian countries with more than 9000 participants in July 2021, confirms Ninja Van’s commitment to understanding the needs of the Southeast Asian market. The key highlights of the report are as follows: 

Understanding E-shoppers in Southeast Asia

The number of SEA e-shoppers has increased dramatically over the past two years, reaching approximately 70 million at present. On a regional scale, 70% of the total population in SEA have begun shopping online ever since the start of COVID-19 outbreak. In the last 12 months alone, Ninja Van Group has delivered approximately 2 million packages across the region on a daily basis.

Understanding E-shoppers in Southeast Asia Ninja Van

(Image Source: Ninja Van Group x DPD Group)

According to the report, SEA e-shoppers can be better defined as a group of people who are tech- savvy and have prior experience with online shopping. Bargain hunting is a major motivator for these individuals (72% claimed that it is more cost-effective), and free shipping is one of the most effective tactics that can encourage them to return for repeat purchases. This group is also very concerned with customer reviews when it comes to making purchase decisions, as evidenced by the high percentage (94%) of them sharing or publishing feedback after having bought a product.

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More Than 50% of Consumers in Southeast Asia Made Cross-Border Purchases 

As SEA consumers become more accustomed to online shopping, they are also increasingly involved in cross-border retail. In fact, more than half the respondents have made a purchase from a foreign website at some point, and this figure is expected to rise in the future. Besides the immediate SEA neighbors, many have purchased from the greater Asia region, such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. This new shopping habit indicates a need for online retailers to expand their customer base beyond the national borders. Similarly for shippers, it is imperative that they seize this chance to become regional players.

80% of Southeast Asian Buyers Prefer Home Deliveries 

Unlike in physical stores, where the customer’s experience can end at the point they pay money, the online shopping experience only ends after they have received their order. As the last stage of online shopping, shipment has a significant impact on the overall experience. 

80% of Southeast Asian Buyers Prefer Home Deliveries Ninja Van

(Image Source: Ninja Van Group x DPD Group)

According to the survey, 80% of SEA buyers prefer to have their purchases delivered directly to their homes, with deliveries to their workplace ranking second. Many people also expressed a strong desire for real-time tracking for their parcels, as such tools allow them to access details regarding their parcel shipments, including their statuses and even the estimated delivery time.

Moreover, those SEA online shoppers often want to know the name of the delivery company. The reasons given by respondents differ; 56% would like to choose one which guarantees a good service; 51% turn to which offers reassurance; 38% for environmentally friendly delivery alternatives; 35% prefer their accustomed company and the remaining 35% have had a bad previous experience and want to avoid it.

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About Ninja Van
Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express logistics company providing hassle-free delivery solutions for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia. Launched in 2014, Ninja Van started operations in Singapore and has become the region’s fastest-growing last-mile logistics company, powering businesses with innovative logistics solutions. Today, Ninja Van has grown its network to cover six countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

About DPD Group
DPD Group is one of the world-leading parcel delivery networks, aiming to be a reference in sustainable delivery and become a leading enabler of e-commerce acceleration. Through the combination of innovative technology and local knowledge, the company provides a flexible and user-friendly service for both shippers and shoppers. 

With 120,000 delivery experts operating in nearly 50 countries, and a network of 70,000 Pickup points, the team delivers 8.4 million parcels worldwide each day – 2.1 billion parcels per year – through the brands DPD, Chronopost, SEUR, BRT and Jadlog.

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