Tech in Asia: Ninja Van’s $10...

Tech in Asia: Ninja Van’s $100M SME Expansion Plans in SEA

Jun 10, 2022

(Image Source: New Straits Times)

Singapore-based Ninja Van Group is enhancing its supply chain management solutions and developing its supply chain management products and services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in a $100M investment. Southeast Asia’s leading tech-enabled logistics company strives to provide a comprehensive suite of services and develop an ecosystem of supply chain management products and services. 

Initially launched in Thailand, Ninja Van’s direct services, an end-to-end procurement solution for SMEs have now expanded to regional markets like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. This expansion follows other service launches such as Ninja Fulfillment, which focuses on inventory management, as well as Ninja Financing which provides cross-border and trade financing. 

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“Today’s supply chains are complex networks of suppliers, transportation, financial service, and manufacturing partners, many of which are changing on an ongoing basis. The ability to navigate and build resilient supply chains is a crucial part of any business success,” as posited by Firas Alsuwaigh, Chief Strategy Officer at Ninja Van Group.

Source: Ninja Van expands SEA logistics solutions for SMEs

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