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National Retail Federation Rolls Out Center for Digital Risk & Innovation

Aug 09, 2023

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In a significant move to address evolving technology challenges in the retail sector, the National Retail Federation (NRF) has introduced the NRF Center for Digital Risk & Innovation. This new initiative aims to steer the public discourse on technology matters that hold crucial policy and risk management implications for the global retail industry.

“The NRF Center for Digital Risk & Innovation will enhance our ability to shape the public debate on technology issues important to the retail community,” said Matthew Shay, President and CEO of NRF. “Its work will ensure that retailers can remain innovative, competitive and secure in serving their customers as the technology landscape continues to evolve.”

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The Center will play a central role in NRF's engagement with technology issues, focusing on areas such as cybersecurity, digital fraud prevention, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These domains hold immense significance in the industry's quest for a secure and forward-looking technological approach.

“This marks an important step to further amplify the voice of the retail industry in policy debates on key technology issues,” said Stephanie Martz, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel at NRF. “The recommendations and best practices developed through the NRF Center for Digital Risk & Innovation will serve retailers of all sizes as they navigate investing in technology as a competitive advantage.”

Drawing on the expertise of its CIO Council, IT Security Council, Fraud Prevention Professionals Working Group, and AI Working Group, the center aims to pool existing resources and insights to address technology challenges comprehensively. Moreover, the center will be guided by an external advisory board, comprising senior-level retail technology executives, industry partners, academics, and subject matter experts. NRF's Vice President of Retail Technology and Cybersecurity, Christian Becker, will take the helm as the Executive Director.

Source: NRF Launches Center for Digital Risk & Innovation

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