Retail Dive: Maersk Deploys Drones to Improve Warehouse Inventory Management

Feb 03, 2023

(Image Source: Adrian Sulyok/ Unsplash)

Leading logistics provider Maersk is installing Verity's autonomous drones throughout its warehouses to help facilitate the tracking of inventory. The drones will take photos and scan the barcode SKUs before comparing them to the initially provided data and notifying shippers of any potential inventory errors. 

With this latest upgrade, the productivity and safety of large distribution centers are boosted significantly. The workers no longer have to risk going up high to check the towering stack pallet. At the same time, the devices can work at night or on weekends without additional costs. 

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“As a supply chain integrator, we are constantly looking for new innovations and engineering solutions in our warehouse operations,” Erez Agmoni, Senior Vice President of Innovation & Strategic Growth for Maersk North America, said in a statement. “Verity’s system has delivered data accuracy, safety and speed which makes our warehouse management system stronger, faster and more effective for customer decision-making.”

According to the most updated information from the company, the drones are already been in use at 4 different locations, one of them being Miami. According to the Verity website, warehouse operator Performance Team has helped to deploy them at its Miami locale while the facility was closed.

Source: Maersk taps drones for warehouse inventory management

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