Fortune: Lowe’s and Levi Strauss Reinvent Retail With AI

Nov 15, 2021

(Image source: Levi Strauss & Co.)

Every customer wants their shopping experience to be easy, personalised and interesting. Many retailers have hence  experimented with new technologies, in an attempt to meet the evolving needs of their customers. Lowe’s and Levi Strauss are two examples of prominent brands that have successfully reimagined retail using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI has been a game changer for the retail industry, where products are usually made first before being sold. However, for future-oriented brands like Levi’s Strauss & Co., the goal is to “first sell and then manufacture”. This is so that shoppers can order clothing in their exact body size, colour and pattern that they want. At Fortune‘s Brainstorm A.I. conference, Katia Walsh of Levi Strauss & Co. talked about how AI has pushed the company to “flip the script”. Walsh’s team has even organised AI boot camps for the staff to pick up analytical and computer skills.

In a similar vein, Lowe’s has been investing heavily in the use of AI to enhance the customer experience. Thanks to LiDAR-enabled phones, consumers can easily make their purchases through the Lowe’s app. When there is no need for an installer appointment, customers can take more time to decide what they want freely.

In the words of Seemantini Godbole, Lowe’s Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, “the best products we can ever make is to put AI into product and not make it complex for our customers.”  The team at Lowe’s aims to simplify the “complex space” of home improvement and renovation, to a point where customers “don’t (even) know they are using an AI powered product but they find it really easy to do their most complex tasks.”

Source: How Lowe’s and Levi Strauss are using A.I. to reinvent retail

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