PR Newswire: Lazada Launches Campaign to Show Support for Sustainability in E-Commerce

Apr 20, 2022

(Image Source: PR Newswire)

E-commerce giant Lazada has unveiled its LazEarth campaign as part of its commitment to supporting sustainable practices in the ecosystem. As a first step, Lazada will focus on addressing the issue of plastic waste in product and packaging by working with LazMall brands and partners to create eco-friendly products that are both accessible and recognizable to consumers. Under this campaign, the company will showcase over 70 brands and 5000 products that utilize reduced or recycled plastics.

Moreover, Lazada has also established partnerships and initiatives to help build a more sustainable digital commerce ecosystem across Southeast Asia. For instance, Lazada Logistics has partnered with Smoot Motor Indonesia to introduce the Blue Vehicle, a practical and environmentally-friendly package delivery fleet in the country.

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As digital commerce continues to be one of the key growth drivers in Southeast Asia, it is crucial for companies to place sustainability at the core of their strategies to build stronger and greener economies,” said Magnus Ekbom, Chief Strategy Officer at Lazada Group. “The LazEarth campaign is part of Lazada’s ongoing efforts to address plastic waste and help our buyers make informed decisions about sustainable products,” he added.

Source: Lazada Launches LazEarth Campaign

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