Klarna Launches New AI-Powered, Customized Shopping Feed

May 04, 2023

(Image Source: Klarna)

As part of its Spotlight Spring product launch on April 25, 2023, global retail banking, payments, and shopping service Klarna is displaying a series of new technologies that will further establish the firm as a go-to for its 150 million customers and a growth engine for its 500,000 merchants. The Klarna app has been updated with a customized shopping feed and other smart shopping features to assist users in finding and reselling the appropriate products.

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In addition, there are now more resources available to assist creators and merchants interact with their audiences. As a whole, these innovative items are reshaping the retail landscape by making shopping more customized, accessible, and pleasurable in the future.

The Klarna app's discovery shopping feed uses Klarna's own AI product recommendation engine to provide users with highly tailored product recommendations to aid in their search for and purchase of products that meet their specific needs:

  • Ask Klarna - a free personalized shopper service available in the Klarna app and on Klarna.com where users may chat with or video contact shopping experts whenever they need assistance with an online purchase.

  • Resell Functionality - This new feature in the Klarna app streamlines the process of listing products for resale on online marketplaces by automatically inputting product data and images.

  • Ads Manager - an ads tool that helps merchants connect with Klarna's community of highly-intent buyers.

  • Creator Shops - Klarna's Creator Shops provide its increasing creator network with a platform for setting up and managing its stores under the Klarna.com domain, as well as the means to maintain a uniform shopping experience for its customers.

“Our new AI-powered discovery shopping feed is the next evolution of the Klarna app becoming the starting point for every purchase,” said Klarna Co-founder and CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski. “This builds on a ton of initiatives we’re working on in the AI space, to provide a greater level of personalization to consumers that was once thought impossible.”

Source: New AI-powered, personalized shopping feed and innovations for consumers and retailers

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