JD Logistics Rolls Out the Wo...

JD Logistics Rolls Out the World’s First Supply Chain Emission Management Platform

Apr 18, 2023

(Image Source: Tom Fisk/ Pexels)

On 11 April 2023, JD Logistics launched the world’s first Supply Chain Emission Management Platform (SCEMP) for the logistics industry, an initiative in collaboration with the Green Supply Chain Committee of the All-China Environment Federation. With this platform, the industry’s carbon footprints will be accurately calculated, contributing to the goal of cutting down carbon emissions of the country. 

SCEMP can calculate and identify over 140 types of carbon emission factors for road transportation in China. It will be a great help for enterprises to define efficient and cost-effective strategies for carbon reduction. At the same time, JD Logistics also signed a partnership contract with Bureau Veritas (BV), which will support companies in their journey of reducing carbon footprints. BV is a global leader in laboratory, inspection, and certification services. 

SCEMP allows a multitude of companies to monitor carbon emissions, export environmental impact reports, verify mobile emission sources (MRV) and even create calculation models for supply chain logistics transportation. All of the functions and results follow governmental and global regulations and standards. With comprehensive data analysis, evaluations, and various carbon accounting methods the private sector and the government can design better strategies and initiatives to reach carbon emission reduction targets. All of these are just one click away from users.

The partnership between JD Logistics and BV is an aspirational example for the industry. It inspires logistics leaders to lower their carbon footprints to contribute to national and global goals. It also brings environmental and sustainability issues to the attention of logistics leaders. Following the SCEMP, JD Logistics, and BV will offer more support to improve the ESG ratings of enterprises. 

Source: JD Logistics Launches the World’s First Supply Chain Emission Management Platform for Logistics Industry

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