Internet Retailing: New Online Marketplace SwapU Lets People Swap Second-Hand Items

Jul 23, 2021

(Image Source: Internet Retailing)

Founded by Nic Robertson, SwapU aims to create a swapping marketplace where people can buy, sell and swap second-hand stuff. This business model connects everyone and allows people to save their money by shopping online without intermediaries. 

People can find lots of items on SwapU, ranging from used cars, boats, motorbikes, electronics, and more for swapping. On top of that, by trading through SwapU, customers can save lots of time and effort by eliminating the paperwork process, such as stamp duty and vehicle ownership transfers for cars.

“Everyone has something in their homes that they don’t use or need. All you need to do is find the person who wants to swap, and you’ll have something new and you’ve spent no cash getting it. SwapU is designed to help you do that,” said Nic Robertson,  founder of SwapU.

Source: Why sell your car when you can swap, asks new online marketplace SwapU

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