Retail Dive: Instacart Launches Tech Enhancements to Unify Online and In-Store Shopping

Sep 21, 2022

(Image Source: Instacart)

As the pandemic situation stabilizes, customers are gradually returning to the physical stores, thus explaining the slowdown in e-commerce growth recently. To adapt to the new situation, Instacart undertakes bringing shoppers what they like from an online experience to a brick-and-mortar store. 

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On Monday, Instacart unveiled "Connected Stores", a bundle of in-store technology enhancements that aim to seamlessly unify the online and in-store shopping experience for customers. The newly introduced tools include "Out-of-Stock Insights", a mobile checkout program called "Scan & Pay", "Lists" technology that allows consumers to sync their shopping lists from the Instacart app, and the latest version of AI-powered "Caper Cart" which navigate the store and check out automatically without having to scan the individual items. The company has been piloting the new technologies with select retailers since last year, when the firm acquired Caper and Foodstorm which are very strong in digitalization. 

"We believe the future of grocery won't be about choosing between shopping online and in-store - consumers are going to do both," said Fidji Simo, Chief Executive Officer at Instacart. "The launch of Connected Stores is another exciting step for Instacart as we partner with retailers to help invent the future of grocery. Through these technologies, we can now offer consumers the best of online shopping inside physical stores, and vice-versa. Ultimately, we believe that the more customers connect with grocers across both online and in-store experiences, the more retailers' businesses will grow."

Apart from the mentioned technologies, the firm is also rolling out a tool that lets retailers and gig shoppers take a real-time look at product stock data. Thanks to this perk coupled with its partnership with hundreds of retailers, Instacart has been moving beyond its expertise in e-commerce, pitching itself as an all-in-one service provider that has the capacity to fulfill both retailers' and consumers' needs.

Source: Instacart rolls out tech enhancements centered on in-store shopping

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