Ein Presswire: How UX Design ...

Ein Presswire: How UX Design Affects Customer Retention

Dec 28, 2021

(Image Source: Ein Presswire)

User experience design (UX) is the process of building a holistic experience for customers, be it on a website, a mobile app, or a software. As it concerns hardware design on top of human-product interaction as a whole, UX comprises both technical and artistic components including popups, QR codes, and CSS/Javascript effects.

According to Nextbrain, 90% of users will leave because of a bad user experience design and they are 5 times more likely to drop the task mid-way if the page is unresponsive. Meanwhile, a well-thought-out user interface can lead to dramatic improvements in the business almost immediately. With a whopping 9900% ROI rate, UX design has become one of the most essential features of marketing campaigns. “It is no wonder that customer retention rates depend on good UX design because it forms the crucial components that capture attention,” said Mr. Saranraj, Founder & CEO of Nextbrain.

UX design is a more complex process than most people imagine. In developing UX designs wireframes, all aspects of customer experience are taken into account; for instance, different demographics may require different UX designs due to their varied needs. For Nextbrain, a good design can only be possible with close cooperation between designers and developers. In the event that the current task force does not possess both, the company should consider outsourcing this task.

Founded in 2016, Nextbrain has been one of the top UX/UI design companies in Toronto, Canada. The firm also opened offices in the US and India to serve clients all around the world. With the experience, Nextbrain guarantees the best service and will deliver satisfying end result for personal and corporate clients.

Source:  Why customer retention is highly dependent on UX design according to Nextbrain

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