The Jakarta Post: GoSend Fost...

The Jakarta Post: GoSend Fosters Inclusivity and Innovations in 2022

Feb 11, 2022

(Image Source: The Jakarta Post)

GoSend, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics platform, has become the mainstay of millions of businesses ranging from MSMEs to social sellers. Entering 2022, the company intends to focus on strengthening inclusivity and innovations across its services and operations. According to Head of Logistics Steven Halim, there was a 116% rise in the number of merchants utilizing GoSend services in early 2021. In response to the growing demand and ever-changing customer expectations, GoSend has prepared 7 breakthroughs to further cement its position in the region:

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  1. Customized Service for E-commerce Partners

    To attract more new retailers, GoSend will offer innovative delivery services, tailored to the needs of each partner.

  2. Safer Packages with Premium Insurance

    GoSend will boost customers’ trust and affirm its branding as a reliable service by offering added coverage for goods. The company’s new Premium Insurance will provide protection with a dependent value of up to IDR20,000,000.

  3. Delivering Large Parcels with a Four-Wheeled Fleet

    GoSend’s four-wheeler fleet enables users to send goods of larger size in larger quantities. 

  4. Greater Efficiency Using Multi-Delivery

    Retailers can now increase their competitive advantage thanks to GoSend’s multi-delivery option. The new function allows merchants to deliver packages to multiple consumers (up to 5 different delivery locations) at a time. This would in turn increase the efficiency of the process while simultaneously reducing shipping cost and carbon footprint. 

  5. Better Integration through Platformization

    GoSend will continue to strengthen its relations with various e-commerce platforms, heading towards the goal of hassle-free online businesses. The initiative will be facilitated with GoSendAPI: Online Logistics Service Platform.

  6. Service Area Expansion

    The firm will expand its services throughout Java this year and has plans to target more Southeast Asian countries in the near future. 

  7. Commitment to MSMEs

    Indonesian MSMEs players can expect diverse initiatives from GoSend under #BestSeller, as an extra effort to support MSMEs and fulfill the company’s commitment.

Director Yudo Anggoro of Bandung Institute of Technology’s (SBM ITB) Center for Policy and Public Management shared his positive take on GoSend 2022’s initiatives: “Through various innovations that will be present in 2022, I think that GoSend is ready to answer the trend of online logistics services in the future and further strengthen its position as a delivery service that is trusted by the public.” He also added that “going forward, delivery speed and reliability will increasingly become a priority for service users, while online businesses will become the main users of delivery services.”

Leading as top online logistics platform, GoSend 2022 focus on innovations and inclusivity

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