Google Unveils New Features t...

Google Unveils New Features to Empower Merchants for the Holiday Shopping Season

Nov 08, 2023
Google Unveils New Features to Empower Merchants for the Holiday Shopping Season

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In preparation for the upcoming holiday shopping season, Google has introduced a range of new features aimed at assisting merchants in showcasing their businesses and products more effectively. The holiday season presents a significant opportunity for businesses to connect with new customers, and Google's latest features are designed to help merchants make a strong, authentic impression.

Highlight Your Small Business Status

As more consumers express their preference for supporting local and small businesses, Google has introduced a "small business attribute" feature. This attribute enables merchants to identify themselves as small businesses, making it easier for customers to discover them on Google. Products from businesses with this attribute will be labeled as "small business" on Google Search and Google Maps, helping shoppers find and support these enterprises.

This feature is available to small merchants using Merchant Center, Business Profile, and Google & YouTube apps on Shopify. Google will also partner with Etsy to include eligible sellers. The small business attribute will be automatically added to some listings, while others can opt-in or remove it as needed.

Enhance Product Imagery with Product Studio

Google is also rolling out Product Studio to all Merchant Center Next users in the United States. This suite of AI tools assists merchants in creating and managing product imagery, including an AI-powered scene generation feature. This feature helps businesses place their products in creative scenes and experiment with holiday-themed visuals.

Product Studio provides prompt ideas to spark creativity, allows for easy tweaking and reuse of successful prompts, and offers tools for background removal and image enhancement. This feature is aimed at streamlining the process of creating high-quality product images, enabling businesses to diversify their content.

Share Comprehensive Business Information on Search

In order to build trust with potential customers, Google is expanding the type of information displayed when shoppers search for businesses on Google Search. This includes the knowledge panel that appears on retailer searches, showing important shopping details such as deals, shipping and return policies, customer service information, and ratings and reviews.

The expanded knowledge panel will be available in select countries and will offer a snapshot of a business's key information. Google will showcase data shared on Merchant Center and other authoritative information from across the web, helping shoppers make more informed decisions.

Optimize Your Deals and Promotions

Google's Shopping Graph, which understands over 35 billion listings from the web, ensures that shoppers see the latest information about holiday promotions. Merchants can add their promotions to Merchant Center and review their settings for displaying deals. Google is also working on new ways to help shoppers find deals this holiday season.

These features are designed to empower businesses to represent themselves authentically and effectively during the holiday shopping season, helping them connect with customers and thrive during this crucial time of the year.

Source: New features to help merchants stand out this holiday season

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