FreightWaves: Google Cloud Pa...

FreightWaves: Google Cloud Partners with to Accelerate DTC E-Commerce

Nov 01, 2021
FreightWaves: Google Cloud Partners with to Accelerate DTC E-Commerce

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Even after a record-breaking year of sales in 2020 owing to the global pandemic, the e-commerce boom is far from over — the National Retail Federation anticipates another 18% to 23% growth in e-commerce sales in 2021. Being an e-commerce business or working with one has hence become essential to maintain a place in the market nowadays. An example of the latter is the recent partnership between Google Cloud, Alphabet’s cloud computing arm, and, an ECaaS (e-commerce-as-a-service) company. This collaboration is largely for the purpose of offering unified analytics to over 2,500 brands in its suit as well as streamlining’s AI and machine learning capabilities.

“Google Cloud was an obvious choice for us,” says Chase Zieman,’s Chief Data Science Officer.

In working with Google Cloud, has many high expectations, two of which are their innovations and their best minds. Together with’s aim towards integrated, harmonized data as their fundamental brand blocks, those two factors will help accelerate the process of bringing innovative products to market and enhance the automation of commerce.

As mentioned earlier, brands are projected to benefit greatly from this partnership. Thanks to the availability of the unified, aggregated data from all facets of their business, on top of the better machine learning and AI technologies, brands will now have a chance to make better decisions and grow at a faster pace via data automation. They are able to access profit-driving suggestions in adjusting procurement costs, promotional campaigns, and optimizing revenue with almost no downtime. As for customers, they can now have personalized e-commerce experiences despite their fluctuating needs. 

Just founded last year, has already raised over $140 million in funding, which also includes $98 million in a Series B round led by investors like PayPal Venture, Robinhood, Discover Financial, and Uber. In addition, the end-to-end e-commerce solution maker has acquired full-service 3PL provider Sauceda Industries in July, in an attempt to enhance its capabilities.

Source: Google Cloud brings on to overhaul its DTC e-commerce

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