GEODIS' 2022 Impressive Results Reflect the Group's Robust Growth Dynamic

Mar 10, 2023

(Image Source: GEODIS)

In 2022, GEODIS recorded sales of €13.7 billion, a 19% increase over the previous year. This achievement, which illustrated the viability of the group's business model, was fueled by consistent activity across all of the group's lines of business.

The Freight Forwarding Line of Business profited from excellent market conditions, as air and marine freight rates remained strong. Revenues for the Contract Logistics Line of Business significantly increased in the United States due to business expansion and an increase in the number of repeat clients.

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Despite higher manufacturing costs as a result of inflation, the Distribution & Express Line of Business grew both its volume and its result as compared to 2021. Due primarily to growing business in southern and eastern Europe, the Road Transport Line of Business experienced significant growth once again. As a result of this success, overall profitability increased significantly, with EBIT up 10% to €518 million and EBITDA3 at €1,163 million.

CEO of GEODIS Marie-Christine Lombard made the following statement on the company's annual results for 2022: “In 2022, GEODIS achieved a record level of performance for the third year in a row. These excellent results in a challenging economic and geopolitical environment stem from the expertise of our teams, the complementary nature of our various businesses and our ambitious development strategy. I am particularly proud of the work accomplished by the Group’s 49,400 employees, and I would like to thank them for their unfailing commitment.” 

In continuation, Marie-Christine added that “Although uncertainties remain in 2023, we remain confident in GEODIS’s growth prospects. Thanks to the diversity of our businesses and geographies and to our operational agility, we are looking forward to 2023 with determination. We will continue to pursue our growth dynamic in the service of our customers, the digitalization of our businesses and the implementation of our environmental commitments, which remain one of our key priorities.”

Source: Solid results for GEODIS in 2022, confirming the Group’s strong growth dynamic

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