Funding Roundup: Zeelo, Ghost...

Funding Roundup: Zeelo, Ghost, AirconAI and Others Gain Fresh Investments

Aug 25, 2023

It has been a great couple of weeks for startups in the e-commerce, logistics and supply chain space. In this week’s Ecosystem Funding Roundup, we are thrilled to feature 6 of their notable achievements:

LighthouseAI Funding

LighthouseAI, a provider of pharmaceutical supply chain compliance solutions, uses AI-powered software to automate compliance with federal and state regulations. The software efficiently tracks and manages responses, document uploads, task handling, and activity tracking. The company has raised $2.25M in a recent round led by Healthy Ventures to boost the growth of its product suite, enhance features, scale operations, and expand into new industry segments.

  • Year Founded: 2023

  • Founder(s): Sumeet Singh

  • Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

  • Latest Funding: $2.25M

  • Lead Investor(s): Healthy Ventures

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StoreConnect Seed Funding

Based in Sydney, StoreConnect aims to empower over a million small businesses by simplifying e-commerce complexities and providing an all-in-one solution. The company's innovative approach, known as Customer Commerce, allows SMBs to connect with a wider range of customers, revolutionizing interactions and transactions. With $9M raised in seed funding led by Bellini Capital, the fresh capital will be used to expand StoreConnect's global reach, enhance customer experience, and strengthen its partner network. 

  • Year Founded: 2019

  • Founder(s): Mikel Lindsaar

  • Location: Sydney, Australia

  • Latest Funding: $9M

  • Lead Investor(s): Bellini Capital

Ghost Series B Funding

Ghost, a B2B inventory marketplace, secured $30M in a Series B funding round led by Cathay Innovation. The platform enables discreet buying, selling, and shipping of surplus merchandise. Ghost's data engine enables better discovery and higher conversion rates for fashion, beauty, footwear, and home goods. The funds will aid team growth, product improvements, and expansion into various regions, with a focus on automation and personalization.

  • Year Founded: 2009

  • Founder(s): Dee Murthy and Josh Kaplan

  • Location: California, United States

  • Latest Funding: $30M

  • Lead Investor(s): Cathay Innovation

Zeelo Series A Funding

Zeelo, a ‘smart buses’ platform addresses the lack of public transport options in the U.S and the cost of living crisis, particularly catering to areas with limited public transit where people are car-dependent. The company offers private bus and shuttle transport programs for areas with limited public transit. Zeelo recently raised $14M in a Series A funding round led by FlatzHoffman, where the funds will support sales acceleration, U.S expansion, and tech platform development.

  • Year Founded: 2016

  • Founder(s): Sam Ryan and Barney Williams

  • Location: London, United Kingdom

  • Latest Funding: $14M

  • Lead Investor(s): FlatzHoffmann

dipp Seed Funding

Taiwan-based startup dipp aims to address the labor-intensive process of creating tailored content for e-commerce brands by automating repetitive design operations and enhancing team collaboration. The platform offers generative AI features such as AI-generated visual variations, personalized product images, and AI review functions to streamline content creation. Recently, dipp secured $1.5M in seed funding from multiple investors to accelerate the development of its AI-driven platform for e-commerce brands.

  • Year Founded: 2019

  • Founder(s): Jennifer Chen and Mikhail Abramov

  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan

  • Latest Funding: $1.5M

  • Lead Investor(s): SparkLabs Taiwan, Palm Drive Capital, and Tezign

AirconAI Seed Funding

AirconAI, a gateway-as-a-service platform, aims to transform the air cargo industry by consolidating shipments using AI and machine learning. The platform offers shared air freight gateways that combine shipments heading to the same destination, optimizing aircraft cargo space. Securing a $3.3M in seed funding from Underscore VC, the investment will support AI tech enhancements, expand partnerships and attract top talent to further its goal of transforming the air cargo industry. 

  • Year Founded: 2021

  • Founder(s): Chris Condon

  • Location: Dallas, Texas, United States

  • Latest Funding: $3.3M

  • Lead Investor(s): Underscore VC

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