Funding Roundup: Growth Opportunities Secured by Swiftly, Brightflow AI, Prewave and Others

Sep 23, 2022

It has been a fantastic week for startups in the e-commerce, logistics and supply chain space. In this week’s Ecosystem Funding Roundup, we are thrilled to feature 6 of their notable achievements:

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Swiftly Series C Funding 

Grocery-tech company, Swiftly, achieved unicorn status after its recent $100M raisein a Series C funding round led by BRV Capital Management. The Seattle-based company delivers omnichannel tools for retailers to enhance the shopping experience in a brick-and-mortar store, making it easier and more engaging. The newly injected funds will be channeled to support Swiftly's rapid growth and to expand its product offerings into new geographies.

  • Year Founded: 2018

  • Founders: Daniel Kim, Henry Kim, Karen Ho, Sean Turner

  • Location: Seattle, United States 

  • Latest Funding: $100M Series C

  • Lead Investors: BRV Capital Management

Bainbridge Growth Seed Funding 

BainbridgeGrowth, a Boston-based software startup, bagged $4M in a Seed funding round led by Vinyl Capital, Las Olas Venture Capital. The startup provides data, analytics and finance offerings in an integrated SaaS solution for Direct-to-Consumers and e-commerce companies. The new capital will be utilized on expanding the team,  focusing on areas of engineering, sales and marketing and customer success.

  • Year Founded: 2021

  • Founders: Ben Tregoe, Austin Gardner-Smith

  • Location: Boston, United States 

  • Latest Funding: $4M Seed 

  • Lead Investors: Vinyl Capital, Las Olas Venture Capital

1MRobotics Series A Funding 

1MRobotics launches out of stealth with its latest Series A funds closed at $16.5M. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, the startup develops the next-generation robotic dark stores, also known as robotic nano-fulfilment centres, to meet the ever-growing need for rapid delivery and optimal unit economics. The funds will be leveraged for expansion into new global markets and enterprise clients, as well as the growth of the team.

  • Year Founded: 2021

  • Founders: Eyal Yair, Roee Tuval

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Latest Funding: $16.5M Series A

  • Lead Investors: Ibex Investors

Brightflow AI Series A Funding 

San Francisco-based startup, Brightflow AI, raised $15M in Series A dollars, led by Haymaker Ventures. Founded in 2019, Brightflow AI is a financial intelligence platform that empowers small businesses to take control of their cash flow and make data-backed decisions. Plans for the capital infusion include hiring more employees to join the team, as well as accelerating product development to provide additional growth opportunities for customers.

  • Year Founded: 2019

  • Founders: Robbie Bhathal

  • Location: San Francisco, United States

  • Latest Funding: $15M Series A

  • Lead Investors: Haymaker Ventures

Cargobase Growth Funding 

Singapore’s leading logistics software firm, Cargobase, inked its latest growth funding round led by Trestle Partner. The company is well-known for its Transport Management Software (TMS) which offers spot-buy procurement, freight management and analytics, and real-time shipment tracking in 55 countries. As such, the investment will be put towards accelerating product development and global growth for Cargobase.

  • Year Founded: 2013

  • Founders: Wiebe Helder

  • Location: Singapore

  • Latest Funding: Undisclosed

  • Lead Investors: Trestle Partner

Prewave Series A Funding 

Supply chain risk intelligence platform Prewave has concluded a fresh Series A funding amounting to €11M. Prewave leverages its AI-powered platform to analyze, categorize and directly address the risks that might impact supply chains. Risk alerts are then sent directly to businesses that can contact their suppliers to resolve issues and mitigate disruptions. The investment will be used to expand the platform’s supply chain analysis capabilities and drive customer acquisition in new European markets.

  • Year Founded: 2017

  • Founders: Dr. Lisa Smith, Harald Nitschinger

  • Location: Vienna, Austria

  • Latest Funding: €11M Series A

  • Lead Investors: KOMPAS, Ventech

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