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Forbes: 30 Under 30 Asia: Young Female Entrepreneurs Leads Retail and E-Commerce Startups in Asia

Apr 27, 2021
Forbes: 30 Under 30 Asia: Young Female Entrepreneurs Leads Retail and E-Commerce Startups in Asia

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E-commerce is one of the rare industries that wasn’t negatively affected by the pandemic. On the contrary, a report by MasterCard Economics Institute found that there was a surge in global online spending, online shoppers spent $900 billion more than in 2019. 

In this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, female entrepreneurs stood out the most:

Lifestyle and Fashion

Australian founders Natalie Khoei and Shadi Kord are featured for their success in the fashion industry. Bonded by the love of fashion in 2021, the duo founded Meshki one year later. They grew the business with only $310 in capital, to having 750,000 customers worldwide and 50 employees, thanks to their huge following on social media. 

The retail brand is also loved by celebrities like Ariana GrandeJennifer Lopez, and many popular social media influencers for their “trendy and body-conscious” designs. 

Another successful Australian founder of a lifestyle brand is Priscilla Hajiantoni. Bangn Body made a hit after launching its signature multi-purpose lotion in 2019. After 2 years, the company has generated over $8 million in revenue. 

Equalution, founded by Jade Spooner and Amal Wakim in 2016 focuses on creating personalized healthy meal programs for users. Equalution now ranks 14 out of 50 Australian companies for revenue growth over 3 years. 

Indonesia brands

Aware of the high demand for gold products in the country, Jennifer Heryanto founded SKK Jewels. It is now a leading company for gold jewelry with 250 workers and managing 2 other award-winning jewelry brands: Hala Gold and Sandra Dewi Gold. Heryanto is also the founder of The Wisemen & Company, a brand management firm for all consumer goods, beauty, luxury, and lifestyle.

Jolie Clothing, a Jakarta-based clothing brand is founded by Stefani Tan. The brand offers affordable and comfortable fashion for all body types, different from the fashion industry’s focus on clothing designed for models. 

In the beauty sector, Deca Group of Jessica Lin is a famous brand in Indonesia with brightening, acne treatment and anti-aging products. 

Health and hygiene

There are a lot of startups in Asia trying to redesign female hygiene products. Happy Moonday is one of them. Founders Hyeeun Bu and Dojin Kim started the company in 2017 after a controversial discussion over harmful chemical substances in sanitary products. The brand has since introduced sanitary pads using organic cotton, eco-friendly bioplastics, and paper packaging. The company has raised $2 million in funding from the government and venture capital. 

Hong Kong-based Olivia Cotes-James of LUÜNA shares the same mission. The startup provides menstrual care products such as toxin-free pads, liners, and period cups. They also hosted several webinars and workshops to provide women with healthcare tips and help reduce the stigma associated with menstruation in Asia.

Source: 30 Under 30 Asia: The Female Entrepreneurs Leading Asia-Pacific’s Promising Retail And E-Commerce Startups

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