TechCrunch: Flipkart Taps Int...

TechCrunch: Flipkart Taps Into Metaverse Shopping With the Launch of Flipverse

Oct 19, 2022
TechCrunch: Flipkart Taps Into Metaverse Shopping With the Launch of Flipverse

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Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart has launched a metaverse called Flipverse to offer a more interactive and satisfying shopping experience. Flipverse is created from the collaboration between Flipkart and eDAO, a Polygon-incubated enterprise that has worked on massive Web3 projects like OpenSea and Aave.

The Flipverse allows customers to experience a AAA game-like metaverse, where their digital avatars can go on quests to collect loyalty points, along with digital collectibles as they make purchases. Flipkart's Web3 properties also include FireDrops, an easy-to-use NFT platform that enables consumers, brands and creators to explore the benefits of NFT and NFT utilities.

“While we have only just begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible in the metaverse, we see e-commerce as one of the killer use cases. Combining top brands with Flipkart’s e-commerce expertise in a virtual environment stands to revolutionize online retail as we know it. Flipverse will be a vibrant, visible expression of the metaverse, and I’m proud that this activation is taking place on Polygon,” said Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of Polygon.

Large brands including Puma, Noise, Nivea, Lavie, Tokyo Talkies, Campus, VIP, Ajmal Perfumes, and Himalaya are very excited to try out this state-of-the-art offering and are setting up their own experience on Flipverse. Flipkart holds positive feelings about this move and hopes that it can give them an edge against its rival Amazon. Despite being at the pilot stage, Flipkart’s executives believe that its web3 offerings will supercharge its customer experience and become an essential part of the company's future. 

“The future growth of e-commerce will be influenced by the immersive technologies of today, and Metaverse is one of the significant revolutions in this arena with immense potential,” mentioned Naren Ravula, VP and Head of Product Strategy and Deployment at Flipkart Labs.

Source: Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart launches metaverse shopping experience

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