Flexport Acquires Shopify Logistics to Streamline Its Full Supply Chain

May 09, 2023

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On 4 May 2023, Flexport, the industry's premier technology-driven logistics platform, announced that it has acquired Shopify Logistics' assets, including Deliverr, Inc. Flexport's technology unifies the whole supply chain, from the factory to the retailer or consumer's doorstep, so that it can be easily planned, visualized, and executed.

Flexport's cutting-edge, AI-driven optimization of the whole global supply chain will be bolstered by the addition of Shopify Logistics, leading to lower costs and more reliability for clients. The current state of supply chain technology does not provide for a unified platform for supply chain planning, visibility, or execution from start to finish. Flexport hopes to change all that by cutting down on stock-outs for customers, transportation expenses for businesses, and the environmental effect of shipping.

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"For Flexport, this acquisition enables our vision for a full digital transformation of the global supply chain that we will bring to all customers. This democratization and pooling of scale will level the playing field for cost and speed of delivery for all businesses, not just the largest corporations in the world," stated Dave Clark, Chief Executive Officer of Flexport.

Flexport will also take on the official Shopify Logistics Partner role, offering Shop Promise to Shopify's millions of businesses. Customers of Shopify merchants will soon be able to take advantage of Shop Promise's clear shipping schedules, which will include two-day and next-day delivery choices. Shopify's Fulfillment Network app, which provides merchants with a unified logistics platform, will be the conduit via which Flexport's services will be made available.

The transaction is anticipated to conclude in the second quarter, subject to the usual closing requirements, which include receiving regulatory clearances.

Source: Flexport Acquires Shopify Logistics Expanding its Global Services into Last Mile and E-Commerce Fulfillment Becoming their Official Logistics Partner

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