Facebook x Shopify: Increasing Exposure For Small Businesses

May 21, 2020

(Image Source: Facebook Shops)

Facebook and Shopify have just announced their partnership to enable businesses to easily reach out to their target audience through Facebook and Instagram. Businesses will soon be able to sell through Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram Direct. Businesses will also be able to tag their products in these posts to direct their consumers to their e-commerce website right away.

“It’s one simple and consistent experience across this family of apps, which means it is easier for people,” Zuckerberg mentioned in a live stream on Facebook. “That of course means there’ll be higher conversions and more sales for small businesses.”

This move by Facebook and Shopify will empower small businesses to greatly increase their digital exposure, attract more consumers and ultimately drive up sales. This is also Facebook’s way of supporting small businesses during this pandemic.

That aside, Shopify will also be supporting these businesses in different ways such as Shopify Email – enabling free e-mail marketing and customer communication features until October 2020. Shopify Ping ( realtime chat with consumers) will also be introduced to assist businesses with customer support. There are also new features like Shop Pay Installment allowing customers to buy now, and pay later and Shopify Balance for independent businesses to manage their own finances.

“By pairing Shopify’s platform and commerce capabilities with Facebook’s reach and scale, we are reducing the barriers to entrepreneurship and advancing the future of commerce.” – Tobi Lütke, CEO of Shopify

Perhaps this partnership will alleviate the stress small businesses have been facing, and hopefully lighten their burden during this crisis.

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