Etsy Unveils AI-Powered Gift ...

Etsy Unveils AI-Powered Gift Mode™ to Personalize the Gifting Experience

Jan 30, 2024
Etsy Unveils AI-Powered Gift Mode™ to Personalize the Gifting Experience

(Image Source: Etsy)

Despite numerous brands offering items suitable for gifting, there has been a lack of a dedicated and scalable shopping experience tailored for gifters. Notably, gifting occasions extend beyond holidays, constituting about half of all gifting moments throughout the year, including birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and anniversaries. Recognizing this gap, Etsy aims to emerge as the go-to destination for gifting, identifying a significant opportunity in the market.

The platform is excited to introduce Gift Mode™, a groundbreaking interactive hub for gifting that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and human curation. This unique experience simplifies the process of discovering thoughtful gifts on Etsy directly from makers, based on the recipient's specific interests. Gift Mode aims to address two common challenges for gift-givers: finding the perfect, creative, and personal gift, and alleviating stress related to procrastination and timely delivery.

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Key features of Gift Mode include the use of machine-learning technology to match gifters with special and unique items from Etsy sellers, categorized by over 200 recipient personas. Users can create a gift teaser for the recipient, complete with a gift note, tracking information, and a sneak peek of the special item. Alternatively, they can choose to leave it a surprise until it arrives, allowing for flexibility in gifting.

By harnessing the power of Etsy's vast collection of over 100 million items and bringing curation to scale, Gift Mode provides a bespoke collection of results for each persona. The goal is to offer exceptional gifting options within Etsy's extensive array of choices, making users feel like Gift Mode was tailor-made for them and their recipients.

This launch marks the initial phase of Etsy's investment in the gifting space. The platform plans to continuously enhance Gift Mode's capabilities, introduce new features, and help users stay on top of their gifting needs, even if they are running late. The commitment extends beyond product development to comprehensive marketing efforts, including brand-new TV advertising set to debut during football playoffs and the year's biggest game.

Source: Etsy’s journey to become the ultimate gifting destination

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