TechCrunch: Elude Raises $2.1M In Preparation of Reopening the Travel Industry

Aug 12, 2021

(Image Source: TechCrunch)

Los Angeles based startup, Elude, that designs travel experience catered to travelers’ budget raises $2.1M in time for the reopening of the travel industry. It was founded by Alex Simon, CEO and Frankie Scerbo, CMO who shared the same passion for traveling. 

The travel discovery mobile app will suggest travel destinations based on the budget of the travelers. Elude gathers information such as budget, timeframe, trip preferences to build a travel plan while offering travel destinations that the customers might not know about within the designated budget. 

“In just a few clicks, we can show you, for example, that you could go to Barcelona for the same price as Miami. If you knew that kind of information, you would take a better trip. This opens doors to taking a trip every few months instead of the one or two trips a year most people take.”  Scerbo stated. 

The application was in private beta mode but they already have 40,000 people waiting to sign up for this. With Millennials spending $200 billion on travelling annually, this will always remain a lucrative business especially once the travel industry reopens after a long period of time due to the pandemic. 

Erik Rannala, co-founder and managing partner at Mucker Capital, invested in Elude before the pandemic and the company has now raised $2.1 million more in seed funding with Mucker Capital, Unicorn Ventures, Upfront Scout Fund, StartupO, Grayson Capital and Flight VC.

Source: Elude raises $2.1M to show spontaneous travelers the best destinations for their budgets

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