TechCrunch: DoorDash Pilots P...

TechCrunch: DoorDash Pilots Package Returns to the Nearest Post Office, UPS or FedEx Location

Mar 17, 2022

(Image Source: Norma Mortenson/Pexels)

American food delivery platform DoorDash is working with UPS and FedEx to test a new feature that lets customers return their packages without having to physically head down to a post office or those standalone drop-off stations. Using the “Return a Package” service, consumers can simply seal their parcel and attach the prepaid shipping label before leaving it outside their door. The delivery personnel will then pick it up and bring it to the nearest post office, UPS or FedEx location.

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While the feature is still in testing, it has the potential to eliminate customers’ dread of parcel returns. “DoorDash is always thinking about new ways to provide the communities we serve with access to unparalleled convenience and opportunity through our platform,” said a DoorDash spokesperson. “We continually explore and test new innovations to provide more value to our customers, Dashers and merchant partners.”

That being said, DoorDash is not the only delivery company that has been looking to implement such a service. Uber, for instance, introduced a “limited-time” option back in 2015 where customers could send their return packages to post offices. Shyp was another firm that offered a similar feature, only to have shut down operations in 2018 after failing to scale beyond its launch point in San Francisco.

Source: DoorDash is testing a feature that lets you return packages to post offices, FedEx or UPS

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