DoorDash Introduces AI-Powere...

DoorDash Introduces AI-Powered Voice Ordering System for Restaurants

Aug 29, 2023

(Image Source: Marques Thomas/ Unsplash)

DoorDash announced the launch of its voice ordering technology driven by AI, set to empower restaurants to seize a greater share of sales by addressing all incoming calls. The company's announcement, made on Monday, underscores its commitment to enhancing both restaurant operations and customer experiences. Additionally, the system will enhance customer interactions by offering tailored suggestions to complement their chosen meals.

According to the recently released "2023 Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report," a substantial one in five customers express a preference for ordering takeout through phone calls. The decision to integrate AI technology into DoorDash's voice ordering solution was influenced by valuable feedback from restaurant partners and an understanding of customer preferences. The aim is to offer a solution that not only aligns with customer expectations for convenience and personalization but also aids operators in navigating the complex landscape of staffing shortages and evolving customer demands.

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“Customers expect more from restaurateurs, and in return, restaurateurs expect even more technology-forward solutions from us – including support for phone channels to meet customers where they're ordering,” said Rajat Shroff, Head of Product and Design at DoorDash. “Supporting operators by capturing customer demand through investments in our voice product is one way we’re delivering more and enabling our partners to grow their business.”

The strategic deployment of AI comes as a relief for operators who often grapple with unattended customer calls, particularly during peak hours. By combining AI with DoorDash's agent expertise, the system guarantees that customer calls are answered promptly, minimizing waiting times and capturing previously unmet customer demand. Moreover, AI technology will also contribute to a seamless in-store experience, as it alleviates employees from the burden of managing phone lines during busy periods, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional in-person hospitality.

In addition, customers also stand to gain significantly from this AI-powered innovation. For starters, the personalized voice ordering experience will be available in multiple languages, minimizing wait times and eliminating missed calls. Furthermore, returning customers can enjoy the convenience of swiftly reordering their favorite meals, with live agents on standby to provide additional support whenever necessary.

Source: DoorDash Introduces AI and Agent-Powered Voice Ordering Solution

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