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Dollar General and Shelf Engine Partner to Expand AI Ordering Technology Nationwide

Feb 07, 2024
Dollar General and Shelf Engine Partner to Expand AI Ordering Technology Nationwide

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In a move aimed at enhancing access to fresh and affordable foods, Dollar General has announced its collaboration with Shelf Engine for a national rollout of automated AI ordering technology for produce. Shelf Engine's AI-driven platform is tailored to generate orders, with the objective of optimizing in-stock levels to ensure customers have access to the freshest produce possible.

This strategic partnership underscores Dollar General's commitment to addressing food insecurity across the United States. The expansion plan, slated to be completed by the end of fiscal year 2023, will see Shelf Engine's advanced AI technology deployed in approximately 3,000 Dollar General stores nationwide. This initiative follows a successful two-phased pilot that commenced in December 2022, involving more than 400 Dollar General stores.

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"The partnership between Dollar General and Shelf Engine highlights a shared commitment to fresh food access in a way that positively impacts the customer experience and Dollar General’s business," stated Stefan Kalb, co-founder and CEO of Shelf Engine. "We believe this partnership will continue to revolutionize and streamline order management across the enterprise."

Allen Warch, vice president and division merchandise manager responsible for fresh merchandise at Dollar General, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the alignment of Shelf Engine's AI solutions with Dollar General's mission of "Serving Others."

"Adopting Shelf Engine’s AI solutions aligns seamlessly with our mission of Serving Others, helping our teams enhance value and convenience for our customers," said Warch. "This collaboration is a strategic step towards improving our operational efficiency while serving our customers with improved in-stock levels of fresh produce."

Source: Shelf Engine and Dollar General Embark on National Expansion to Implement Fully Automated AI Powered Ordering for Produce

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