Parcel And Postal Technology International: DHL Tests All-in-One Parcel Machines

Mar 02, 2021

(Image Source: Parcel and Postal Technology International)

Since February, DHL’s customers have been testing out the new all-in-one parcel machines. The machine is akin to a small post office and currently available at 20 locations in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. 

DHL customers can buy postage and parcel stamps, deliver their packages via this “Poststation” device. From the end of February onwards, DHL will update new features such as live video chat support and parcels pick-up. 

These parcel machines are equipped with touchscreens, integrated letterboxed and parcel compartments for sending and receiving items. The Poststation will provide supplemental support for DHL’s existing network of around 24,000 branches and parcel shops, 6500 Packstations, and 110,000 letterboxes all over Germany. 

The first 20 Poststations are placed in both urban and rural areas, including Cologne, Aachen, and Euskirchen. This will facilitate greatly postal service especially for rural areas: 

“Especially where there are no branches or only branches with short opening times, the post office can represent a real improvement in service for people. But the new machine can also supplement the branch offerings at other locations with around-the-clock service,” Holger Bartels, head of multichannel sales, post and parcels Germany, at Deutsche Post DHL Group highlighted. 

Source: Deutsche Post DHL trials all-in-one parcel machines that offer post office services

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