DHL Opens New Dedicated E-Com...

DHL Opens New Dedicated E-Commerce Warehouse in Euskirchen, Germany

Oct 25, 2023
DHL Opens New Dedicated E-Commerce Warehouse in Euskirchen, Germany

(Image Source: DHL)

In a strategic move to further enhance its DHL Fulfillment Network (DFN), DHL Supply Chain has inaugurated its fourth dedicated e-commerce warehouse, located in Euskirchen, Germany. This state-of-the-art fulfillment center will be instrumental in storing, picking, and packing orders for a diverse clientele, encompassing both large enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses. The products will then be dispatched not only across Germany but also to destinations within Europe and even on a global scale.

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"All companies, regardless of their size, deserve top-tier e-fulfillment services. We have already supported numerous businesses across various industries in expanding their online presence in multiple markets," stated Andreas Bicking, Vice President of DHL Fulfillment Network. "With the current surge in e-commerce, the potential for our DHL Fulfillment Network is virtually limitless. Our exceptionally adaptable infrastructure simplifies the process of scaling and tailoring our services to meet the unique requirements of our clients," Bicking emphasized.

The new Euskirchen facility boasts a substantial storage space of over 60,000 square meters and offers exceptional connectivity to parcel centers, Cologne/Bonn, and Düsseldorf Airport. The expansion ensures that all customers gain access to an existing infrastructure designed to facilitate the seamless integration of webshops and customer systems, as well as connections to a wide array of parcel service providers. This enables swift and straightforward onboarding for new companies into the network. Moreover, DHL equips its customers with an extensive array of data and digital tools which in turn enable inventory management, order tracking, and the monitoring of sales trends.

Rainer Haag, Chief Executive Officer of DHL Supply Chain Germany & Alps, commented, "The inauguration of the new DFN warehouse in Euskirchen marks another significant milestone in our commitment to expanding our e-commerce operations, which is one of our Group's strategic growth areas. We don't merely provide standard services, from efficient order picking and packaging in the warehouse to delivery and returns. We offer tailor-made solutions with an array of additional features for our valued customers to choose from. We take pride in supporting companies of all sizes in their growth journey through our DFN."

Source: Logistics for E-commerce – Dhl Fulfillment Network Creates Capacity for More Customers With New Warehouse in Euskirchen

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