Supply Chain Digital: DHL Exp...

Supply Chain Digital: DHL Express Plays Key Role in Distributing COVID Vaccine Across Europe

Jan 19, 2021

(Image Source: DHL)

Despite strict lockdowns in Europe and the stagnation of most economic sectors, DHL Express proves its resilience and vital role in the fight against COVID-19.

A resourceful delivery company

DHL Express possesses a hub and gateway network of 60 countries and territories in Europe with over 100 aircraft. This capacity is perfect for the regular supply of COVID-19 vaccines in Europe and the rest of the world. The company transports medical goods across borders daily.

Its impressive healthcare industry portfolio includes over 150 pharmacists, 20+ clinical trials depots, 100+ certified stations, 160+ GDP-qualified warehouses, 15+ GMP-certified sites, and 135+ medical express sites.

Vital role in the midst of COVID-19

Since December 2020, DHL express has operated over 50 flights transporting urgent shipments of COVID-19 vaccines across Europe. Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, and Sweden have already received their first batch of vaccines. Outside of Europe, the vaccine has also reached Bahrain, Chile, Costa Rica, Israel, Mexico, Oman, and Singapore.

“It is in our DNA to deliver, even in times of global crisis. Thanks to our people and infrastructure we keep trade lanes open and enable our customers to continue their businesses. With international Express deliveries of COVID-19 vaccines, we are supporting numerous governments in their fight against the pandemic. In Europe our strong presence allows us to move medical goods from country to country within up to 24 hours,” shared  Alberto Nobis, CEO of DHL Express Europe.

Source: DHL Express plays vital role in Europe’s COVID vaccine

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