Marketing Interactive: Decathlon Introduces First Data Lab in Singapore

Jul 12, 2022

(Image Source: Yahoo)

Sporting goods retailer Decathlon has launched a brand new Data Lab to develop new digital services for Decathlon International and to incubate data projects in collaboration with partners such as Sport Singapore, schools and research agencies. 

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Headquartered in Singapore, the 700-square meter innovation hub strives to promote a vibrant and collaborative working environment, attracting talents to drive innovation and enrich customer experience. This is done by balancing the needs of consumers, sports enthusiasts and their tech-driven commercial goals. Projects and innovations initiated at Decathlon’s Data Lab will be tested in the adjacent Decathlon Singapore Lab store, and subsequently introduced to other Decathlon outlets in Singapore and beyond. 

"We want to build Decathlon's digital ecosystem for tomorrow and create a place where the team can develop new digital products and services to better satisfy customers. The Data Lab is designed to facilitate collaboration between teammates and break down communication barriers. We also want to create a place to attract new digital talents and to do so, you have to do something different to draw them," said Mathieu Blanchard, Decathlon Singapore's technical director. 

Source: Decathlon SG Unveils Data Lab to Build a Digital Ecosystem and Break Silos

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