DCSA: Henk Jan Gerzee Appointed New Chief Product Officer of DCSA

May 26, 2022

Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA), a neutral, non-profit group established to further digitisation of container shipping technology standards, has named Henk Jan Gerzee as the new Chief Product Officer. This is one of DCSA’s proactive efforts in striving towards setting a technological foundation and standards for interoperable IT solutions in container shipping.

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As the Chief Digital Officer at Schipol Airport, Gerzee led the company’s digitization efforts which included e-Commerce solutions, data analytics, artificial intelligence, digital products, an airport wide app and web optimisation. With Gerzee’s invaluable experience and knowledge in this field, it will significantly allow DCSA’s goals in digitizing the container shipping industry. Thomas Bagge, Chief Executive Officer at DCSA, stated: “Gerzee’s appointment is an important step in our mission to accelerate digitalisation of the industry. Container shipping can learn a lot from aviation in terms of digital transformation, and Henk Jan was instrumental in facilitating that transition for one of the world’s foremost airports.”

Since his appointment, Gerzee also noted the importance of container shipping in the global supply chain, and how “digitalising container shipping is vital to ensuring a supply chain that is more reliable, resilient, and responsive to customer needs and market forces”. He added, “I’m excited to apply everything we achieved in aviation to making container shipping a data-driven industry in which even the biggest goals are well within reach.”

Source: DCSA appoints Henk Jan Gerzee Chief Product Officer to accelerate efforts to digitize the container shipping industry

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