Entrepreneur: COVID Motivated 30-Year-Old Leonese Sports Shoe Company to Evolve Further

Dec 04, 2020

(Image Source: Entrepreneur)

Mexican-based Leonese sports shoe brand Court recently celebrated its 30th anniversary in September. The brand has grown from a small family business to a distinguished athletic brand known throughout Mexico. 

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses have been pushed to go digital with their business. That includes Court, who was forced to shut down physical stores., This however gave them the impetus to evolve the business and move into e-commerce. 

The company has been investing heavily in technology to produce quality and affordable products for its customers. Court is combining technology and e-commerce to help increase production efficiency and maximize its reach to both existing and new customers. 

“The pandemic is going to end, in the end things will return to normal and for this reason we want to take advantage of this opportunity to gain market. In the same way, the most difficult thing has been to maintain ourselves, we are many people, I think it is one of the most painful things not being able to continue there with all of us, because there was a reduction in personnel, that is the most complicated part, that of having to let go of the people who have been with us. The economy has hit us very hard and we have to keep innovating to be able to sell,” says Omar Mares, Manager at Court. 

As a brand, Court hopes to “democratize technology” to provide as many people as possible access to their products. 

“Right now that there was this crisis, we decided to bet on the brand, in fact, there are Nameless, which I think we are doing a very good match, it is supporting Mexican brands so that in the end they survive and they will be the ones that will have the opportunity to continue investing, ”concludes Mares.

Source: This Mexican Sports Shoe Company Is 30 Years Old, But It Learned to Evolve in 2020

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