KoreaTimes: Coupang Penetrate...

KoreaTimes: Coupang Penetrates Taiwan E-Commerce Market With Rocket Delivery Service

Oct 28, 2022
KoreaTimes: Coupang Penetrates Taiwan E-Commerce Market With Rocket Delivery Service

(Image Source: Yonhap)

South Korea's largest e-commerce firm Coupang just announced that its flagship rocket delivery service will be made available in Taiwan. With this new update, Taiwanese customers will be able to receive their orders within 2-3 days. The delivery fee is free for orders valued at more than $21.87. 

Coupang will sponsor most of the expenses in launching this service, from logistics, customs clearance, import tax collection and last-mile delivery in Taiwan. The policy is very generous and benefits many companies. After a direct purchase from Taiwan is made, the items will take the first flight the next day to Taiwan. 

Coupang believes that its business expansion in East Asia will help many small and medium-sized businesses in Korea thrive. Taiwan is a potential market with much room for e-commerce companies to grow due to the high rate of internet users but relatively low e-commerce penetration rate. Taiwan saw 24.5 percent growth in the e-commerce sector last year, and this means significant opportunities for Coupang's online shopping business.

"We are constantly working to make life easier for people around the world with Coupang while seeking mutual growth with small business owners. Korean products are gaining popularity among Taiwanese and we are trying to connect local firms with Taiwanese customers in a totally new way. Considering that the Taiwanese e-commerce market still has huge potential, we believe that our challenge has just started," a Coupang Inc. official said.

The rocket delivery service in Taiwan currently covers a wide range of products from cosmetics, health food, baby goods, home appliances and household products.

Source: Coupang launches rocket delivery service in Taiwan

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