Business Wire: Convoy Strategically Expands Alliance with MercuryGate

Jul 01, 2022

(Image Source: Convoy Inc)

The nation’s leading digital freight network, Convoy, has expanded its partnership with MercuryGate International, the largest independent Transportation Management System (TMS) provider. The new partnership aims to help freight brokers control costs and expand their trucking capacity networks. 

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As an extension from its multi-year alliance, both companies are able to mutually benefit from one another’s networking pool, customer bases, API integrations as well as numerous operational resources. MercuryGate is able to expand its capabilities such as to “digitize and automate manual processes across their business”. For Convoy, it is able to fulfill its “mission is to transport the world with endless capacity and zero waste” by strategically partnering up with technological providers like MercuryGate to “share the benefits of a digital freight network”. 

When asked about the newly announced partnership, Brooks McMahon, Chief Business Development Officer at Convoy remarked, “With today’s announcement, we’re making it easier for MercuryGate’s broker community to source elastic capacity from our carrier network and make the brokering process more efficient.”. This is further corroborated by Jeffrey Varon, MercuryGate Chief Strategy Officer who expressed elation towards this synergy, opening doors of opportunity for MercuryGate to access to “more tools to gain a competitive edge”.

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