Supply Chain Digital: Consumers Demand More Transparency in Retail

Dec 16, 2021

(Image Source: Supply Chain Digital)

The demand for circular economy and sustainability initiatives is on the rise and we have results to prove it. According to a recent study conducted by material science company Avery Dennison, most consumers across the USA, UK, France, Germany and China had a desire to shop in a more eco-friendly way.

Out of 5000+ survey respondents, 62% of them wanted brands to offer end-of-life options for their products. Another 60% asked for greater transparency in regard to the production process while 58% suggested retailers should provide repair services.

In a nutshell, shoppers wish to practice ethical consumerism by being able to track their purchases through the supply chain.  A feasible way to do this is by attaching digital labels to each product. Brands that can fulfil this particular need will thus likely gain massive loyalty from environmentalist customers.

“There’s no doubt that item-level digital ID technology will bring more value to consumers, retailers and brands, allowing them all to adopt powerful new behaviours to support circularity”, said Debbie Shakespeare, Senior Director of Compliance and Sustainability at Avery Dennison. “Scaling up circularity…will also offer another touchpoint for consumers to get deeper product stories and better engage with brands.”

Source: Report shows shoppers want transparency in the supply chain

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