Business Standard: Celcius Lo...

Business Standard: Celcius Logistics Introduces Cold Chain Technology to Facilitate Last Mile Delivery

Sep 29, 2022
Business Standard: Celcius Logistics Introduces Cold Chain Technology to Facilitate Last Mile Delivery

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Celcius Logistics, India's leading cold-chain startup, has announced the launch of its Smart last-mile delivery platform, which aims to alleviate the most pressing pain points affecting the country's cold supply chain networks.

The company has collaborated with car dealers and fleet managers to build a widespread fleet of refrigerated trucks that will eventually be linked to the Smart platform via a proprietary inventory management system (IMS). The platform has been released by Celcius in six major cities, and the company wants to roll it out to other tier-2 cities and villages over the following six months.

What’s more, inefficiency in the cold supply chain, especially in the last mile delivery, is responsible for nearly $14 billion in annual food losses in India. Celcius's goal with this platform is to eliminate the significant in-transit food waste that occurs due to cold chain malpractices and inefficiencies by connecting diverse cold chain players and using tech-first solutions. Swarup Bose, Founder & CEO of Celcius, commented on the new platform and the efforts to enhance the last mile delivery of the cold supply chain, saying:

"I am thrilled to announce the introduction of our last mile solution for the cold supply chain which has been a labor of love for the past 8 months. Our SaaS platform for the first part of the supply chain has been very successful, so we're shifting our attention to the final part of the journey, where the goods are delivered, by aggregating the fleets of existing small reefer vehicles and bringing in a new range of reefer vehicles based on Mahindra bolero, Tata 407, Ashok Leyland Dost, and other platforms. With this approach, we hope to create a system of last-mile vehicles and distribution hubs around the country to streamline the primary and secondary transportation and storage of perishable goods."

Source: Celcius Logistics launches special, tech-enabled cold chain solution for last mile delivery

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