Calgary Herald: Foot Traffic Up 44% with Canadians Eager to Return to In-store Shopping

Jul 19, 2021

(Image Source: Alex Filipe/Reuters)

According to an analysis done by Bloomberg and SafeGraph, foot traffic at clothing retail stores in Canada have increased by 44% in June, as compared to the same time in 2019. With most restrictions lifted by June, it appears that Canadian shoppers are eager to return to in-store shopping. 

This is great news as the retail sector was hit hard during the third wave of COVID-19 lockdowns implemented by the authorities. Based on data from Statistics Canada, retail sales fell by 5.7% in April and followed by 3.2% in May after strict measures were introduced to slow down the number of COVID-19 infections in Canada.

Source: Canadians are flocking to shop in stores again in sign of pent-up demand

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