PPTl: Cainiao Launches Sustai...

PPTl: Cainiao Launches Sustainability and Customer Experience Initiatives for 11.11

Nov 15, 2022
PPTl: Cainiao Launches Sustainability and Customer Experience Initiatives for 11.11

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To enhance this year's Double 11 global shopping festival, Cainiao Network, the logistics division of Alibaba Group Holding Limited, has implemented targeted sustainability and consumer experience efforts. This year, Cainiao expanded its recycling efforts to more than 130,000 Cainiao Post stations.

As a result, approximately four million carton boxes have already been collected, and six million carton boxes are expected to be collected throughout the shopping event. The firm has also partnered with thousands of retailers, including Unilever and Yili Group to lower the carbon footprint of each package by 50g, involving more than 150,000 products.

Prior to Double 11, Cainiao hired over 100,000 more part-time workers to increase the reach of its doorstep delivery service and enhance the customer experience. Due to this, more than 120 million packages have already been delivered to customers' doorsteps, and it is anticipated that this number will rise to more than 200 million over the course of Double 11.

There have also been efforts to improve the reliability and timeliness of deliveries by bolstering the last-mile delivery network, which includes Cainiao's self-operated direct delivery services, Cainiao Post stations, and courier partners. By noon on November 11, Cainiao launched autonomous logistics robots in more than 400 Chinese institutions to deliver two million packages (one-third of the entire number of packages on campus).

Cainiao used its priority warehouses near the ports to guarantee end-to-end delivery from merchant pickup to doorstep delivery in about 37 hours in South Korea for international shipments. Cainiao was able to accomplish next-day or same-day delivery within major European cities with the support of its 15 overseas facilities.

Source: Cainiao rolls out sustainability and consumer experience initiatives this Double 11

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