Business Insider: UV Light Sanitizing & AI Fever Tracking Measures for COVID-19

Jul 23, 2020

(Image Source: Vioguard)

Just last month, Saks Fifth Avenue reopened its store in New York City with advanced sanitary features such as ultraviolet light handrail cleaners for its escalators.  As retailers gradually re-open stores to the public, some are taking extensive precautionary measures to woo back shoppers and to protect their employees. 

These are some of the emerging technologies used by retailers to provide a safe shopping environment for everyone:

  1. Non-invasive crowd control. For example, Density, which uses sensors to monitor crowds within a specific space without the use of cameras. By communicating with each other, these sensors help retailers provide a real-time crowd analysis of shoppers to ensure social distancing is enforced. 

  2. Temperature screening. Often used at airports before the pandemic, thermal scanners have now become commonplace at retail stores. To further mitigate the risk on employees conducting the temperature screening, Kogniz, allows companies to track fevers from a distance using AI Technology.  

  3. Medical-grade UV tools. Companies like Vioguard are selling systems used in hospitals to sanitize items frequently used by retail staff and shoppers (e.g. phones, tablets, keyboards, and pens).  These sanitizing tools are easy to use, allowing retailers to reduce the time, effort, and risk of human error in manual sanitizing.

It is reassuring to see retailers and technology providers stepping up to provide both shoppers and employees with a safe and comfortable environment amidst these circumstances.

Source: From UV light sanitizing to AI fever tracking, these are the emerging technologies retailers are using to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in stores

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