FreightWaves: BoxC Appoints DHL Veteran Mark Waverek as Director of Business Development

Oct 26, 2022

(Image Source: FreightWaves)

Global logistics solutions platform BoxC has named Mark Waverek as the new Director of Business Development, who will be in charge of promoting the company's growth and its new initiatives in e-commerce. Back in his US Marine Corps days, Mark was in charge of managing overseas postal service operations to ensure thorough communication between soldiers and their families and friends at home. 

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Fast forward to 2004, Mark joined DHL to support their newly implemented military distribution program. For 18 years, Mark was the key personnel in the Middle East and other markets, having brought significant e-commerce growth to the organization. 

“We’re very excited to have someone with Mark’s pedigree and experience driving growth in international e-commerce markets,“ said BoxC's Chief Executive Officer Michael Pakula. "His unique global skill set helping customers to grow their business beyond borders will serve to enhance our growing team of talented executives.”

In his new role, Mark will be responsible for helping retailers reach global customers in the most cost-effective manner possible by leveraging BoxC's data analytics capabilities.

“Today, sellers and marketplaces hold all the key data in attaining a customer,” commented Mark. “Shipping then becomes a major factor in the buying decision, and more importantly in customer retention and customer acquisition costs. If the shipping costs are too high, or the shipment was delivered late or lost, the buyer is likely lost forever. So a complete end-to-end, frictionless e-commerce experience is required today.”

In Mark's view, Q4 2022 and the beginning of 2023 will be the perfect moment for logistics companies to expand their customer pool and upgrade their delivery offerings. He believes that this will help them prepare for the upcoming surge in spending next year, following the the long period of economic recession due to the global pandemic.

Source: E-commerce platform BoxC hires military mail operations and DHL veteran

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