Bloomberg: Biden Discusses Supply Chain Crisis With Retailers & Logistics Firms

Nov 12, 2021

(Image source: Business Insider)

With the holiday season approaching, Biden is under more pressure than ever to confront the supply chain crisis.

Several efforts are underway to help ease supply chain bottlenecks. Biden approached the problem by targeting the port and has developed a port plan; it includes measures such as allowing ports to spend unused grant money on projects to ease the various logjams. He also made a pledge to open the first round of the infrastructure bill’s port grants within 90 days and even met with CEOs of Walmart, UPS, FedEx and Target recently to discuss the matter.

Even though potential solutions to speed up deliveries and lower prices were brought up during the meeting, a detailed plan is yet to be developed. While UPS and Walmart have declined to comment, FedEx displays appreciation for “the opportunity to discuss this important issue with the administration”. The team at Target also shows its commitment in a statement: 

“We support the administration’s actions to bring together businesses, carriers and port operators to tackle the supply chain challenges.”

Source: Biden Calls Walmart, UPS, FedEx, Target CEOs on Supply Chain

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