Tech Crunch: Better Health Raises $3.5m to Simplify Online Purchase of Medical Supplies

Mar 30, 2021

(Image Source: Better Health)

The home medical supply market is a lucrative market in the U.S, worth around $60 billion annually. However, it is still uncommon for Americans to purchase medical supplies online and the in-person customer experience was reportedly very poor. With the ambition to provide a better experience for consumers, Better Health aims to develop a new approach in taking care of customers with chronic disease needing medical supplies at home. 

Despite its potential, there are a lot of challenges to enter or survive in the market. One challenge is that the final decision doesn’t just end with the consumers but the one paying the bills – who uses insurance reimbursements to pay for these medical supplies. 

Another challenge faced is that individuals with chronic care needs require a lot more guidance and support when it comes to deciding which medical supply to purchase. These individuals need more attention as these purchases have a direct impact on their quality of life. 

When asked about how the business started, Better Health co-founder and CEO Naama Stauber Breckler explained her encounter with medical supplies during the initial stages of her entrepreneurial journey, “I was just shocked when I realized how hard it is for people today to get life-saving medical supplies, and basically realized that it’s not just about inventing a better product, there’s kind of a bigger systematic problem that locks consumer choice, and also prevents innovation in the space.” 

Better Health might be a great solution for this. It exposes consumers to a wider range of supplies and equipment, giving them more clarity with the help of online advisors. The company will also be responsible for the paperwork, checking with the insurance companies, and supporting the claiming process afterward if needed. Opinions from customers, who have firsthand experience with chronic conditions will also be taken into serious consideration. 

Better Health is already licensed in 48 states and totally reliable in providing home medical supplies.

Source: Better Health raises $3.5M seed round to reinvent medical supply shopping through e-commerce

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