Bestseller Chooses Nedap to Implement RFID System for Vero Moda Stores

Mar 02, 2023

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Bestseller made the transition to Nedap as they wanted to form a partnership that would allow them to get the most out of their original RFID investment. The largest worldwide family-owned fashion firm, which has over 2,600 stores and carries labels including Vero Moda, Only, and Jack & Jones, will use iD Cloud for its Vero Moda stores. When iD Cloud is in place, further features may be added to the program, leading to faster product deliveries and the implementation of real-time restocking. Now, employees at all Vero Moda locations have more time to focus on providing a consistent and enjoyable shopping experience.

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“To keep our customers happy, we always need to have the right product available across all our sales channels without overstocking and overproducing. Our stores play a vital part in this ambition. Now that we are taking the next step in our RFID journey, we need a partner that enables us to meet our ambitions. We found that partner in Nedap with its global user community and proven track record," said Casper Terp Harboe, RFID Project Manager at Bestseller.

Vero Moda can effectively offer the correct items at the right place with low safety thresholds due to its consolidated inventory view. The results for long-term viability and financial success are positive. With Nedap's support, Bestseller can swiftly expand the adaptability and responsiveness of its omnichannel company across all of its Vero Moda outlets. By partnering with Nedap, Vero Moda will transform the way it communicates with customers and provide a consistent brand experience across all channels. 

"This fantastic partnership highlights the strategic importance of having an RFID platform that enables easy-to-use functionalities in store and a powerful backend to provide real-time data and insights that can be merged with other platforms at Bestseller," commented Nick Markwell, Director of Sales EMEA at Nedap.

Source: Bestseller selects Nedap for Vero Moda RFID roll-out

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