PR Newswire: Amazon Shipping ...

PR Newswire: Amazon Shipping Partners With nShift to Facilitate Next-Day Delivery

Nov 30, 2022
PR Newswire: Amazon Shipping Partners With nShift to Facilitate Next-Day Delivery

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Next-day delivery is becoming increasingly important for online shoppers due to their increasing expectations. For that reason, Amazon Shipping is teaming up with nShift to facilitate next-day delivery offerings for online retailers, web shops and customers.

With the state-of-the-art logistics network, Amazon Shipping will be able to provide delivery service for multiple selling channels. End customers can also manage their orders via a common tracking hub. 

"At Amazon Shipping, we're thrilled to provide parcel delivery solutions to customers of all types and sizes.  By collaborating with nShift, we can offer even more businesses fast and reliable delivery speeds through our technology-driven logistics network.  We're looking forward to working closely with nShift and their retailers and supporting them to grow their businesses," remarked Ines van Gennip, Head of Amazon Shipping EU.

After all, nShift is the leading global provider of cloud delivery management solutions. Through nShift's system, companies can connect to 1,000 delivery providers, enabling them to offer a range of delivery options and improve their customer experience. Amazon Shipping will also bring its logistics network and omnichannel delivery service to the partnership. Through the service, end customers can provide delivery instructions and keep track of their orders through a tracking hub.

"Consumers increasingly expect a next-day delivery service and if e-commerce companies cannot offer one, they risk losing their competitive edge.  By adding Amazon Shipping to our carrier library, we are providing our customers with another highly reliable and fast delivery service, enabling them to give consumers a delivery service that builds loyalty and encourages repeat purchase(s)," said Johan Hellman, Vice President of Product & Carrier at nShift.

Source: Amazon Shipping and nShift team up to make next-day delivery options easier to offer

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