Chain Storage: Amazon Brings Autonomous Checkout Experience to Whole Foods Store

Mar 01, 2022

(Image Source: Supermarket News)

“Just Walk Out” is the name of the cashier-less technology that Amazon has launched in its Whole Foods Market division. The experience, which was previously available at Amazon Go outlets only, leverages a mixture of computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning to allow shoppers to skip the checkout altogether. Amazon has been rolling out the offering to selected Amazon Fresh high-tech groceries, third-party retailers and now the Whole Foods store in Washington D.C. 

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In this new location, Amazon has expanded the capability of its autonomous technology to support the entire selection, including self-service. The company also mentioned that there will be staff positioned throughout the store to assist customers. Those who want to shop with “Just Walk Out” can either scan the QR code in their Amazon app; use the palm-based payment system via Amazon One; or insert their credit or debit card information in their Amazon account. 

Once inside, shoppers can pick the products as usual and just walk out after entering their respective entry methods again. The digital receipt will then be generated and made available on the Whole Foods Market app. We can expect to see the opening of another “Just Walk Out”-integrated outlet in Sherman Oaks, California this year. Amazon also plans to see how customers react to the program before thinking of scaling up any further.

Source: Amazon opens first Whole Foods store with cashierless technology

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