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Amazon Announces Integration of Buy With Prime App for Shopify Merchants

Sep 05, 2023

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In a joint announcement last Friday, e-commerce giants Amazon and Shopify revealed the launch of the Buy with Prime app for Shopify. This integration aims to streamline the shopping experience for both merchants and customers by offering the convenience of Amazon Prime benefits on Shopify stores.

The Buy with Prime app for Shopify enables Prime members to select the "Buy with Prime" option directly on a product's detail page while shopping on Shopify. This feature provides Prime members with the hallmark benefits of fast, free delivery and hassle-free returns through Amazon's extensive fulfillment network. Payment for orders can be made simply through Amazon wallet options, with Shopify Payments facilitating the transaction during checkout.

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The rollout of the app begins with an invite-only phase for select Shopify merchants, commencing immediately. By the end of September, this integration will be available to all Shopify merchants in the United States who utilize Amazon's fulfillment network or intend to do so.

Peter Larsen, Vice President of Buy with Prime at Amazon, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration: "We've been thrilled with the feedback merchants have shared about Buy with Prime, including the increased shopper conversion and new shopper acquisition. The build of this app was a collaboration with Shopify, and we're excited to help merchants not only grow their businesses but also save time and resources—all while giving Prime members even more places to enjoy their shopping benefits."

Previously, Shopify merchants managed Buy with Prime independently of their Shopify admin. However, the Buy with Prime app for Shopify simplifies the process by integrating seamlessly with existing Shopify settings, customizations, and supported third-party app integrations. This integration offers merchants automatic synchronization of orders, promotions, catalog listings, and taxes within their Shopify admin. Importantly, merchants retain ownership of customer data originating from Buy with Prime purchases, with easier access and management capabilities within their Shopify admin. As part of this integration, Amazon Pay will also be offered as a payment option within Shopify Payments, simplifying transaction management for Shopify merchants.

Alexis Beuning, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Sales and Brand Manager for Sherpani, shared her positive experience: "After trying a number of ways to increase shopper conversion and build genuine relationships with our shoppers, we can confidently say that offering Buy with Prime on our website has been the most impactful. We're excited to continue growing as a Buy with Prime merchant, and the new native integration is going to make the day-to-day management of Buy with Prime easier for our Shopify store."

Source: Amazon Announces App Integration for Merchants to Enable Buy with Prime on Shopify Stores

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