Pandaily: Alibaba Sets Out New Data Intelligence Subsidary, Lingyang

Jul 05, 2022

(Image Source: Indigo9 Digital)

Chinese internet giant has recently launched a new subsidiary, Lingyang, that leverages data intelligence to aid companies in their digital transformation which was accelerated by the pandemic. The new data-centric service reflects Alibaba’s effort to engage in new market segments and industries as the domestic e-commerce competition intensifies. 

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The new subsidiary will provide “data-intelligence-as-a-service” that offers enterprises operational efficiency. Lingyang boasts Alibaba‘s experience and ability in past digital practices, utilzing Alibaba’s current expertise in applying data intelligence to manufacturing, marketing and various services. Moving forward, Lingyang will continue to focus on the customer’s perspective and help enterprises drive efficient decision-making and promote growth through data intelligence through multi-platform operations. 

According to Peng Xinyu, Vice President of Alibaba Group and CEO of Lingyang, ”Its essence is to allow data to drive as the growth engine, integrate the business, data and workflow of enterprises, and make data intelligence offer the maximum value in the production and operation of enterprises”. 

Source: Alibaba Sets Up Business Data Services Subsidiary Lingyang

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