Alibaba Cloud Launches New AI Model to Help Businesses Improve User Experience

Apr 19, 2023

(Image Source: Alibaba Group)

Alibaba Cloud, the technological and artificial intelligence arm of the Alibaba Group, recently unveiled its largest language model, Tongyi Qianwen. Soon, the group will use its new AI model across all of its operations to enhance the customer service they provide.

In addition to the new ECS instances and OSS Reserved Capacity (OSS-RC) and OSS Anywhere Reserved Capacity (OSS-ARC), Alibaba Cloud has announced price reductions for some of their most important cloud services. This change would lower the cost of computing for businesses in China, helping them take advantage of new prospects in the age of artificial intelligence.

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“We are at a technological watershed moment driven by generative AI and cloud computing, and businesses across all sectors have started to embrace intelligence transformation to stay ahead of the game,” said Daniel Zhang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Alibaba Group and Chief Executive Officer of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

"As a leading global cloud computing service provider, Alibaba Cloud is committed to making computing and AI services more accessible and inclusive for enterprises and developers, enabling them to uncover more insights, explore new business models for growth, and create more cutting-edge products and services for society," Daniel added.

By providing its customers with cloud-based access to Tongyi Qianwen and assisting them in developing specialized big language models, Alibaba Cloud is paving the way for businesses to profit from AI-driven innovation. Businesses may develop specialized AI models by combining Tongyi Qianwen with their own proprietary intelligence and industrial know-how in a safe cloud environment. Without the need for time-consuming and costly pre-training processes associated with establishing fundamental models, this is predicted to ignite a new wave of growth momentum for clients. Beta testing of Tongyi Qianwen, China's corporate software, is now open to the public.

Tongyi Qianwen, available on Alibaba Cloud, will also soon allow developers to build large-scale AI applications. Everything from logistics to media to banking to manufacturing to energy retail and beyond will benefit from this fortification of the AI software ecosystem. Application for beta testing of Tongyi Qianwen as an API is currently open to developers in China.

Source: Alibaba Cloud Unveils New AI Model to Support Enterprises’ Intelligence Transformation

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