Business Insider: Adidas Develops Plant-Based Leather to Make Shoes

Dec 30, 2020

(Image Source: Adidas)

Adidas will be developing a new plant-based leather that will be used to make shoes. The material that will be used is derived from mycelium, a part of a fungus. 

The company will continue to launch sustainable products. In their previous launch, Adidas offered a vegan version of the Stan Smith. This is one of Adidas’s several sustainability initiatives as they declared their goal to end plastic waste. In 2020, the company announced that it produced 15 million pairs of shoes made from recycled plastic waste and its aim is to produce 17 million pairs in 2021. 

Here is a list of things Adidas has done to reduce unnecessary waste:

  1. Added sneakers made with recycled plastic to its lineup since 2017

  2. Developing a new recycled cotton material and is already using recycled polyester in its product lineup 

  3. Collaborated with Allbirds for a low-carbon-footprint shoe

Adidas believes that making sneakers sustainable is only natural given the complexity of the manufacturing process. 

Source: Adidas is developing plant-based leather that will be used to make shoes, its latest sustainability initiative after producing 15 million pairs of recycled plastic sneakers in 2020

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